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Cloning repo from VsCode

If you have issues to authenticate to Bitbucket from VsCode, create an App Password in Bitbucket personal settings.


There are no pre-requisites

Run sfdx-hardis configuration command

  • Run command Configuration -> Configure Org Monitoring in VsCode SFDX Hardis, then follow instructions.

Define sfdx-hardis environment variables

  • Go to Project -> Repository Settings > Repository Variables (you must have Bitbucket authorizations to access this menu)
  • For each variable sfdx-hardis command Configure org monitoring tells you to define, create with name and value given in sfdx-hardis command logs

Schedule the monitoring job

  • Go to Project -> Pipelines -> Schedules
  • Click on New schedule
  • Select the target branch corresponding to the org you want to monitor
  • Select default pipeline
  • Select Schedule Daily and a time slot when no one works (for example 01:00 - 02:00)
  • Validate by clicking on Create