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Retrieve changes from org link to a ref branch not present in sources

This command need to be triggered from a branch that is connected to a SF org. It will then retrieve all changes not present in that branch sources, commit them and create a merge request against the default branch. If a merge request already exists, it will simply add a new commit.

Define the following properties in .sfdx-hardis.yml

- productionBranch : Name of the git branch that is corresponding to production org - retrofitBranch : Name of the git branch that will be used as merge request target

List of metadata to retrieve can be set in three way, in order of priority :

- CI_SOURCES_TO_RETROFIT: env variable (can be defined in CI context) - sourcesToRetrofit property in .sfdx-hardis.yml - Default list:

- CompactLayout
- CustomApplication
- CustomField
- CustomLabel
- CustomLabels
- CustomMetadata
- CustomObject
- CustomObjectTranslation
- CustomTab
- DuplicateRule
- EmailTemplate
- FlexiPage
- GlobalValueSet
- Layout
- ListView
- MatchingRules
- PermissionSet
- RecordType
- StandardValueSet
- Translations
- ValidationRule

You can also ignore some files even if they have been updated in production. To do that, define property retrofitIgnoredFiles in .sfdx-hardis.yml

Example of full retrofit configuration:

yaml productionBranch: master retrofitBranch: preprod retrofitIgnoredFiles: - force-app/main/default/applications/ - force-app/main/default/applications/ - force-app/main/default/flexipages/MyFlexipageContainingDashboards.flexipage-meta.xml


Name Type Description Default Required Options
apiversion option override the api version used for api requests made by this command
commit boolean If true, a commit will be performed after the retrofit
commitmode option Defines if we commit all retrieved updates, or all updates including creations updated updated
boolean Activate debug mode (more logs)
json boolean format output as json
loglevel option logging level for this command invocation warn trace
productionbranch option Name of the git branch corresponding to the org we want to perform the retrofit on.
Can be defined in productionBranch property in .sfdx-hardis.yml
push boolean If true, a push will be performed after the retrofit
pushmode option Defines if we send merge request options to git push arguments default default
retrofittargetbranch option Name of branch the merge request will have as target
Can be defined in retrofitBranch property in .sfdx-hardis.yml
skipauth boolean Skip authentication check when a default username is required
option username or alias for the target org; overrides default target org
websocket option Websocket host:port for VsCode SFDX Hardis UI integration


$ sfdx hardis:org:retrieve:sources:retrofit
sfdx hardis:org:retrieve:sources:retrofit --productionbranch master --commit --commitmode updated
sfdx hardis:org:retrieve:sources:retrofit --productionbranch master  --retrofitbranch preprod --commit --commitmode updated --push --pushmode mergerequest