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Command Title
hardis:auth:login Login


Command Title
hardis:cache:clear Clear sfdx-hardis cache


Command Title
hardis:config:get Deploy metadata sources to org


Command Title
hardis:doc:extract:permsetgroups Generate project documentation
hardis:doc:plugin:generate Generate SFDX Plugin Documentation


Command Title
hardis:lint:access check permission access
hardis:lint:metadatastatus check inactive metadatas
hardis:lint:missingattributes check missing description on custom fields
hardis:lint:unusedmetadatas check unused labels and custom permissions


Command Title
hardis:mdapi:deploy sfdx-hardis wrapper for sfdx force:mdapi:deploy that displays tips to solve deployment errors.


Command Title
hardis:misc:toml2csv TOML to CSV


Command Title
hardis:org:configure:data Configure Data project
hardis:org:configure:files Configure File export project
hardis:org:configure:monitoring Configure org monitoring
hardis:org:connect Connect to an org
hardis:org:create Create sandbox org
hardis:org:data:delete Delete data
hardis:org:data:export Export data
hardis:org:data:import Import data
hardis:org:diagnose:audittrail Diagnose content of Setup Audit Trail
hardis:org:diagnose:legacyapi Check for legacy API use
hardis:org:diagnose:unusedlicenses Detect unused Permission Set Licenses
hardis:org:diagnose:unusedusers Detect unused Users in Salesforce
hardis:org:files:export Export files
hardis:org:fix:listviewmine Fix listviews with
hardis:org:generate:packagexmlfull Generate Full Org package.xml
hardis:org:monitor:all Monitor org
hardis:org:monitor:backup Backup DX sources
hardis:org:monitor:limits Check org limits
hardis:org:purge:apexlog Purge Apex Logs
hardis:org:purge:flow Purge Flow versions
hardis:org:retrieve:packageconfig Retrieve package configuration from an org
hardis:org:retrieve:sources:analytics Retrieve CRM Analytics configuration from an org
hardis:org:retrieve:sources:dx Retrieve sfdx sources from org
hardis:org:retrieve:sources:dx2 Retrieve sfdx sources from org (2)
hardis:org:retrieve:sources:metadata Retrieve sfdx sources from org
hardis:org:retrieve:sources:retrofit Retrofit changes from an org
hardis:org:select Select org
hardis:org:test:apex Run apex tests
hardis:org:user:activateinvalid Reactivate sandbox invalid users
hardis:org:user:freeze Freeze user logins
hardis:org:user:unfreeze Unfreeze user logins


Command Title
hardis📦create Create a new package
hardis📦install Install packages in an org
hardis📦mergexml Merge package.xml files
hardis📦version:create Create a new version of a package
hardis📦version:list Create a new version of a package
hardis📦version:promote Promote new versions of package(s)


Command Title
hardis:project:audit:apiversion Audit Metadatas API Version
hardis:project:audit:callincallout Audit CallIns and CallOuts
hardis:project:audit:duplicatefiles Find duplicate sfdx files
hardis:project:audit:remotesites Audit Remote Sites
hardis:project:clean:emptyitems Clean retrieved empty items in dx sources
hardis:project:clean:hiddenitems Clean retrieved hidden items in dx sources
hardis:project:clean:listviews Replace Mine by Everything in ListViews
hardis:project:clean:manageditems Clean retrieved managed items in dx sources
hardis:project:clean:minimizeprofiles Clean profiles of Permission Set attributes
hardis:project:clean:orgmissingitems Clean SFDX items using target org definition
hardis:project:clean:references Clean references in dx sources
hardis:project:clean:retrievefolders Retrieve dashboards, documents and report folders in DX sources
hardis:project:clean:standarditems Clean retrieved standard items in dx sources
hardis:project:clean:systemdebug Clean System debug
hardis:project:clean:xml Clean retrieved empty items in dx sources
hardis:project:configure:auth Configure authentication
hardis:project:convert:profilestopermsets Convert Profiles into Permission Sets
hardis:project:create Login
hardis:project:deploy:sources:dx Deploy sfdx sources to org
hardis:project:deploy:sources:metadata Deploy metadata sources to org
hardis:project:fix:v53flexipages Fix flexipages for v53
hardis:project:generate:gitdelta Generate Git Delta
hardis:project:lint Lint
hardis:project:metadata:findduplicates XML duplicate values finder


Command Title
hardis:scratch:create Create and initialize scratch org
hardis:scratch:delete Delete scratch orgs(s)
hardis:scratch:pool:create Create and configure scratch org pool
hardis:scratch:pool:localauth Authenticate locally to scratch org pool
hardis:scratch:pool:refresh Refresh scratch org pool
hardis:scratch:pool:reset Reset scratch org pool
hardis:scratch:pool:view View scratch org pool info
hardis:scratch:pull Scratch PULL
hardis:scratch:push Scratch PUSH


Command Title
hardis:source:deploy sfdx-hardis wrapper for sfdx force:source:deploy that displays tips to solve deployment errors.
hardis:source:push sfdx-hardis wrapper for sfdx force:source:push that displays tips to solve deployment errors.
hardis:source:retrieve sfdx-hardis wrapper for sfdx force:source:retrieve


Command Title
hardis:work:new New work task
hardis:work:refresh Refresh work task
hardis:work:resetselection Select again
hardis:work:save Save work task
hardis:work:ws WebSocket operations