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Prepare your computer

Computer Installation user guide

If you installed Salesforce DX or Salesforce CLI using Windows installer, please uninstall it using Windows -> Programs > Uninstall

See tutorial

  • Install VsCode extension VsCode SFDX Hardis by searching for Hardis is VsCode extensions plugin pane.
  • Once installed, click on Hardis Group button in VsCode left bar
  • Messages will appear at the bottom right of VsCode and ask you to install additional applications and activate settings. Follow all of them until there is none left.
    • When later you'll see such messages again from sfdx-hardis, click to apply them to upgrade applications.

  • When no warning in displayed in the dependencies panel, you're all set !

Under the hood Under the hood

The installed applications are the following:

Now your computer is all set, you can clone your project git repository :)