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Handle RUN / Hotfix to Production


Except for projects in maintenance that contain RUN only, a project is separated into 2 sections: the BUILD and the RUN


This is the layer where you prepare the next major or minor version.

Such new features will go through integration level, then uat level where they will be qualified and validated by business users.

When the User Acceptance Test will be validated in uat org, then uat can be merged into preprod, and just after minimal tests (mostly technical), preprod will soon be merged into production.

Is it important that major features or enhancements are not tested directly at preprod level, because while the next version is being validated in preprod, it is not possible for the RUN to deploy anything into production.


Daily maintenance of the production Salesforce org must be very reactive, the RUN level will allow you to deploy patch versions.

As we usually can not wait for the next minor or major version to be deployed in production, projects need a way to quickly deploy hot fixes into production. That layer is called the RUN, and is exclusively about preprod and production branches.

To summarize, you will publish at RUN level, but also at BUILD level, so when the BUILD will be merged in the RUN, there will be no overwrite triggering regressions.

The hotfix process is the following:


    • Create new task with preprod as target when prompted, named my-very-hot-hotfix for example
    • Work on a dev sandbox that has been cloned from production

    • Create Pull Request from my-very-hot-hotfix to preprod & merge it after controls (do not select “delete after merge” )
    • Create Pull request from preprod to production
    • Merge preprod to production after control checks are green.

    • Create Pull Request from my-very-hot-hotfix to integration & merge it after controls
    • If there are issues (conflicts…), you can solve them directly in my-very-hot-hotfix then complete your retrofit PR to integration