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Clone the repository


You need to access to a Git repository and the url of the repository to clone.

The release manager of the project can provide it.

It looks like the following:

Clone the repository

If you don't have a folder for your git repositories, create a C:\git folder and use it as destination for your git clones !

From the Git server UI

Git providers UIs sometimes have a button Clone -> Open In VsCode

If you can use it, use it :)


If later you are prompted for username and password, you might need to create a Personal Access Token (video tuto here) and use it as password.

If later, it prompts several times the same password in VsCode, run the following command line

git config --global credential.helper store


From Visual Studio Code

  • In Visual Studio Code, hit CTRL+Shirt+P then look for command Git clone then click to select it.

  • Paste the url of your git repository then hit ENTER
    • If you are asked for a directory and you don't have one yet, create an empty directory at the root of your hard drive, and select it (examples: C:/git or D:/git )

  • Click on the Open notification in VsCode