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Gitlab Merge request notes

In order to avoid to have to open job logs to see deployment errors, sfdx-hardis can post them as Notes on the Merge Request UI

To use this capability:

  • Go to Settings -> Access Tokens -> Create a project access token with level Developer and scope api, and name it SFDX HARDIS BOT


  • Go to Settings -> CI/CD -> Variables -> Create a variable named CI_SFDX_HARDIS_GITLAB_TOKEN and past the access token value


Everytime you will make a merge request, the CI job will post its result as comment !

  • Example with deployment errors

  • Example with failing test classes


  • This integration works with sfdx-hardis pipeline, but also on home-made pipelines, just call sfdx hardis:source:deploy instead of sfdx force:source:deploy !
  • This integration use the following variables:
    • CI_SERVER_URL (provided by Gitlab CI)
    • CI_PROJECT_ID (provided by Gitlab CI)
    • CI_MERGE_REQUEST_IID (provided by Gitlab CI)
    • CI_JOB_NAME (provided by Gitlab CI)
    • CI_JOB_URL (provided by Gitlab CI)