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Delta deployments

Delta deployments

Full mode

By default, all deployments job (check deploy & process deploy) deploy the full content of the package.xml minus what is matching package-no-overwrite.xml (formerly packageDeployOnce.xml)

This is the safest way to deploy at each level

  • major to major
  • minor to major

Delta mode

In order to improve performances on project with large metadata base, you can activate delta deployments for Pull Request/Merge Requests from a minor branch (examples: feature/xxx, debug/xxx) to a major branch (ex: integration, uat, preprod, production: sfdx-hardis will deploy only updated metadatas in the Pull Request / Merge Request.

Merge Requests / Pull Request between major branches (ex: uat to preprod) remains in full deployment mode, to avoid issues with configuration which would have been done directly in the orgs (whereas it shouldn't be, except for Reports, Dashboards and a few metadata types)


  • features/config/my-work to integration will be DELTA DEPLOYMENT
  • integration to uat will be FULL DEPLOYMENT
  • hotfixes/fix-stuff to preprod will be DELTA DEPLOYMENT
  • preprod to production will be FULL DEPLOYMENT

💡 If you want to force the use of full deployment for a PR/MR on a delta project, add "nodelta" in your latest commit title or text.



To activate delta deployments,you can:

  • define useDeltaDeployment: true in config/.sfdx-hardis.yml
  • define env variable USE_DELTA_DEPLOYMENT=true

In case of temporary deactivation of delta deployments, you can set variable DISABLE_DELTA_DEPLOYMENT=true, it has priority on other configurations.

💡If your sfdx-hardis installation is from before 4.10.0, you might need to update your CI/CD workflows

Check updated versions in sfdx-hardis sources

It is recommended to use opinionated default sfdx-hardis delta deployment configuration, but if you want to tweak the config you can use the following variables:


    • By default, after a merge sfdx-hardis will try to use QuickDeploy. If not available, it will perform a full deployment. If you want to use a delta deployment anyway, define USE_DELTA_DEPLOYMENT_AFTER_MERGE=true
    • By default, delta deployment is allowed only from minor to major branches. You can force it for PR/MRs between major branches by defining variable ALWAYS_ENABLE_DELTA_DEPLOYMENT=true