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There are many ways to do DevOps with Salesforce, each of them have their advantages and inconveniences, like showed in the following comparison table.

You can setup and use a full CI/CD pipeline for your Salesforce projects using sfdx-hardis, with advanced features:

We provide ready to use CI/CD pipelines for the following Git platforms:

Pipelines can easily be adapted to other platforms like Jenkins or TeamCity

If you speak fluently git, sfdx & DevOps, you can be fully autonomous to setup and use Salesforce CI/CD, otherwise you can contact us at Cloudity (or your favorite Salesforce integrator) and we'll be glad to assist you :)


As everything is open-source, there is no license costs !

See presentation of sfdx-hardis at Dreamforce !

See Slides of Dreamforce 23 session

Here is an advanced example of a Salesforce CI/CD Pipeline that you can easily define using sfdx-hardis. You can define much simpler branch/orgs models, to manage only RUN operations.

See detailed article on

See quick demo video for a Contributor

Use sfdx-hardis CI/CD

Please read Contributor Guide to know how to work on CI/CD projects, as an Business consultant, a Developer or a Release Manager

Release Management

Please read Release Manager Guide to know how to be a release manager on Salesforce CI/CD project.

Setup sfdx-hardis CI/CD

Please read Setup Guide to know how to initialize and maintain a Salesforce CI/CD project.