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Microsoft Teams

Ms Teams Integration

You can receive notifications on Microsoft Teams channels when sfdx-hardis events are happening:

  • Deployment from a major branch to a major Salesforce org (ex: integration git branch to Integration Org)
  • Salesforce Org Monitoring
    • Latest updates
    • Failing apex tests
    • Monitoring checks notifications

Create Incoming Web Hook

Follow Microsoft Tutorial to create an incoming Web Hook for any Teams Channel

Configure secret variable

  • Create a secret value named MS_TEAMS_WEBHOOK_URL with Web Hook url in your Git provider configuration


  • Additionally, you can create branch-scoped channels by creating new channels and create appropriate variables
    • Example: Channel #notifs-sfdx-hardis-integration and variable MS_TEAMS_WEBHOOK_URL_INTEGRATION
  • You a also define an additional channel to receive only warning, error and critical notifications in another channel
    • Example: Channel #notifs-monitor-hot and variable MS_TEAMS_WEBHOOK_URL_ERRORS_WARNINGS
  • Make sure all those variables are visible in your CI/CD pipelines

That's all, you're all set !