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API (beta)

API Integration (BETA)

You can send notifications to an external API endpoints, for example to build Grafana dashboards

  • Deployment from a major branch to a major Salesforce org (ex: integration git branch to Integration Org)
  • Salesforce Org Monitoring
    • Latest updates
    • Failing apex tests
    • Monitoring checks notifications

Logs Configuration

Define the following CI/CD variables:

  • NOTIF_API_URL : API endpoint
  • NOTIF_API_BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME : Basic auth username (if using Basic Auth)
  • NOTIF_API_BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD : Basic auth password/token (if using Basic Auth)
  • NOTIF_API_BEARER_TOKEN : Bearer token (if using bearer auth)

Examples of configuration:


Example of logs sent to Loki:

  "streams": [
      "stream": {
        "source": "sfdx-hardis",
        "type": "LINT_ACCESS",
        "orgIdentifier": "hardis-group",
        "gitIdentifier": "monitoring-hardis-org/monitoring_hardis_group",
        "severity": "warning"
      "values": [
          "{\"metric\":3,\"_dateTime\":\"2024-05-12T16:20:20.301Z\",\"_severityIcon\":\"⚠️\",\"_title\":\"⚠️ 3 custom elements have no access defined in any Profile or Permission set in monitoringhardisgroup\",\"_logBodyText\":\"⚠️ 3 custom elements have no access defined in any Profile or Permission set in monitoringhardisgroup\\n\\nfield\\n\\n• Activity.DBActivityType__c\\n\\n• Activity.IdExterneCARRENET__c\\n\\n• Activity.Typederendezvous_c\\n\\nLinks:\\n\\n  View Job:\\n\\nPowered by sfdx-hardis:\",\"_logElements\":[{\"type\":\"field\",\"element\":\"Activity.DB_Activity_Type__c\",\"severity\":\"warning\",\"severityIcon\":\"⚠️\"},{\"type\":\"field\",\"element\":\"Activity.IdExterneCARRENET__c\",\"severity\":\"warning\",\"severityIcon\":\"⚠️\"},{\"type\":\"field\",\"element\":\"Activity.Type_de_rendez_vous__c\",\"severity\":\"warning\",\"severityIcon\":\"⚠️\"}],\"_metrics\":{\"ElementsWithNoProfileOrPermissionSetAccess\":3},\"_metricsKeys\":[\"ElementsWithNoProfileOrPermissionSetAccess\"],\"_jobUrl\":\"\"}"

Metrics Configuration

Additionally, you can send metrics in Prometheus format to a secondary API endpoint.

The configuration is the same than for logs, but with different variable names.


Example of configuration:


Example of metrics sent to Prometheus

ApexTestsFailingClasses,source=sfdx-hardis,type=APEX_TESTS,orgIdentifier=hardis-group,gitIdentifier=monitoring-hardis-org/monitoring_hardis_group metric=0.00
ApexTestsCodeCoverage,source=sfdx-hardis,type=APEX_TESTS,orgIdentifier=hardis-group,gitIdentifier=monitoring-hardis-org/monitoring_hardis_group metric=90.00


If you want to see the content of the API notifications in execution logs, you can define NOTIF_API_DEBUG=true

Grafana Setup

If you don't have a Grafana server, you can use Grafana Cloud Free Tier (14 days of logs & metrics retention + 3 users, no credit card required, free forever)

Create Grafana Account

Create a Grafana Cloud Free account at this url

Input a Grafana Cloud org name (sfdxhardis in the example)

Next screen, you can skip setup

Gather URLs & auth info

Create a notepad when you copy paste the following text


Get Loki configuration

Go to Connections -> Data Sources and click on grafanacloud-YOURORGNAME-logs (Loki)

Build Logs push url

  • Copy value of Connection URL (something like
  • Add /loki/api/v1/push at the end
  • Copy value to variables NOTIF_API_URL


Copy value of Authentication -> User and paste it with variable NOTIF_API_BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME


Leave NOTIF_API_BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD empty for now, you can't get it here

See Grafana documentation for more info

Get Prometheus configuration

Go to Connections -> Data Sources and click on grafanacloud-YOURORGNAME-prom (Prometheus)

Build Metrics push url

  • Copy value of Connection URL (something like
  • Replace prometheus by influx
  • Replace api/prom by api/v1/push/influx/write
  • Then copy value to variables NOTIF_API_METRICS_URL


Copy value of Authentication -> User and paste it with variable NOTIF_API_METRICS_BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME


Leave NOTIF_API_METRICS_BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD empty for now, you can't get it here

See Grafana documentation for more info

Create Service Account

Go to Administration -> Users and Access -> Cloud Access Policies, then click on Create Access Policy

Create the access policy

  • Define sfdxhardis as name and display name
  • Select write for items metrics, logs, traces, profiles, alerts (only metrics and logs are used today, but who knows hat new features we'll release in the future !)
  • Click on Create

On the new Access Policy sfdxhardis, click on Add Token at the bottom right

Name it sfdxhardis-token, let No expiration then click Create

On the next screen, click on Copy to clipboard then paste in your notepad in front of variables NOTIF_API_BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD and NOTIF_API_METRICS_BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD



Configure CI variables on repository

Now configure the 6 variables on the monitoring repository. (Ignore other paragraphs, except those who explain how to modify the pipeline YML to access protected variables)

Now you can force a run of your monitoring job (just add a dumb commit on a monitoring_xxxx branch to trigger it)

Optionally , you can look in the logs, you should see [ApiProvider] and [ApiMetricProvider] items.

Download sfdx-hardis dashboards

Download all sfdx-hardis Dashboard JSON files from this sfdx-hardis repo folder

Create Dashboard folder

Go in menu Dashboards then click on New then New folder

Create folder Sfdx-hardis Dashboards

Import default sfdx-hardis Grafana Dashboards

For each downloaded Dashboard JSON file, process the following actions.

Click New then Import

Click on Upload Dashboard JSON File and select one of the Dashboards JSON files you downloaded on your computer.

  • Let Name, Folder and UID default values
  • Select your Loki or Prometheus source. They can be:
    • grafanacloud-YOURORGNAME-logs (Loki)
    • grafanacloud-YOURORGNAME-prom (Prometheus)

Click Import


Repeat the operation for all Dashboard JSON files, and you're all set !