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Configure Salesforce


Please follow as much as possible these recommendations when you work on a CI/CD Salesforce project, otherwise it will generate more release management charges and risks of regressions.

Api names

  • Do not rename API names (field names, picklist values, pages...)
  • Do not prefix API Names with numbers: Git provides historization of updates, so it's better to have elements sorted by alphabetical order than by order of creation
  • Do not change the type of custom fields: It forces the release manager to perform manual actions

Access management

  • Always use Permission Sets instead of Profiles. If you need profiles, discuss with your release manager.
  • If you create a Custom Profile, please notify your release manager.
    • Before the first deployment, this Profile must be created manually in the target org by cloning "Minimum access" Profile


  • If you need to update Flows, discuss to make sure that no other member of the team is updating the same Flow in another branch/org
    • If it happens, conflicts are not manageable so one of you will later need to perform the updates again

Hardcoded Ids

  • Never use hardcoded Ids in Flows and Formulas (or anywhere else)


  • Use static resources or content assets to store images

User references

  • Do not use direct references to users, use Public Groups instead
  • Share your reports and email templates with public groups, not named users.