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DevHub and Sandbox Tracking

Dev Hub and sandbox tracking

You must declare an org (usually production) as a DevHub and activate sandbox tracking to be able to work with advanced features of Salesforce DX

  • Login to Dev Hub org
  • Go to Setup -> Dev Hub
  • Activate Sandbox tracking
    • If sandbox were already existing, you need to refresh them if you want their source tracking to be activated
    • To use Create from from an existing sandbox, you need to refresh it before the cloning, else the nex sandbox won't have the tracking activated

Major orgs

When there is a new state of a major branch (after a merge), a deployment to the related major Org will be automatically triggered by the CI server.

You need to have a Salesforce sandbox corresponding to each major branch.


  • Branch preprod - create a sandbox named Preprod, cloned from Production org
  • Branch uat - create a sandbox named UAT, cloned from PreProd org
  • Branch integration - create a sandbox named Integration, cloned from UAT org

If you are converting an existing project to CI/CD and already have existing orgs, just create an org Integration, and you'll refresh later UAT and PreProd, once your setup will be more advanced.