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GitHub Pull Requests comments

In order to avoid to have to open job logs to see deployment errors, sfdx-hardis can post them as Comment on the Pull Request UI

To use this capability, all you need is to have permissions on your workflows and send your GITHUB_TOKEN (see full example)

      pull-requests: write

        GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
        FORCE_COLOR: "1"

Everytime you will make a Pull Request, the CI job will post its result as comment !

  • Example with deployment success

  • Example with deployment errors


  • This integration works with sfdx-hardis pipeline, but also on home-made pipelines, just call sfdx hardis:source:deploy instead of sfdx force:source:deploy !
  • This integration use the following variables:

    • GITHUB_TOKEN (provided by GitHub but has to be send as option to the deployment jobs)