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Jira integration

If you use JIRA on your project, sfdx-hardis can use it to enrich its integrations

Sfdx-hardis will automatically analyze commits and PR/MR descriptions to collect JIRA tickets URLS !

You can use the full URL of JIRA tickets in your commits and PR/MR descriptions.

Use , not CLOUDITY-4 !

If you don't use full URL, a default expression will be used, that you can override for a better accuracy (see Identify JIRA Tickets )

In that case, CLOUDITY-4 will be detected, but make sure that JIRA_HOST is defined

For git providers

Github, Gitlab, Azure, Bitbucket: Post references to JIRA tickets in PR/MR comments

For notifications providers

Slack, MsTeams: Add deployed JIRA tickets in deployment notifications

Update JIRA issues

Add comments and tags on JIRA tickets when they are deployed in a major org

Default tag is UPPERCASE(branch_name) + "_DEPLOYED".

To override it, define env variable DEPLOYED_TAG_TEMPLATE, that must contain {BRANCH}.


Global configuration

Identify JIRA Tickets

Define CI/CD variable JIRA_TICKET_REGEX with a regular expression allowing to identify the JIRA tickets of your project in commit& Pull Requests titles & bodies, for example (CLOUDITY-[0-9]+)

Jira Cloud

Define CI/CD variables

  • JIRA_HOST (example:
  • JIRA_EMAIL (example:
  • JIRA_TOKEN , to create following Atlassian documentation

Jira On-Premise

Note: Does not seems to work with every on-premise JIRA servers

Define CI/CD variables

  • JIRA_HOST (examples: , or with path like
  • JIRA_PAT, to create following Atlassian Documentation (section Creating PATs in the application)

Gitlab configuration

If you are using Gitlab, you need to update the Merge Request Settings

Go to Project -> Settings -> Merge Requests

Update Merge Commit Message Template with the following value

%{title} Merge branch '%{source_branch}' into '%{target_branch}'


See merge request %{reference}



Update Squash Commit Message Template with the following value

%{title} Merge branch '%{source_branch}' into '%{target_branch}'


See merge request %{reference}



Technical notes

This integration use the following variables, that must be available from the pipelines: